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What's Old is New Again!

Wednesday, August 8

One of my favorite things to do is to stage a room.  To finally see the efforts of  your hard work (i.e., road trips, sweating, loading, sweating, lifting, sweating, cleaning, sweating, painting, sweating, oh well, you get the general idea) come together is really rewarding. 
But as is often the case, when you step back to take in the end result, there's always a few things that need to be tweaked and this is where I am today.  I'll shop my other rooms and incorporate things I've had for a while and use them in a new setting or a new way.  Ahhhh, the refresh button, don't you love it?! 
Oh and one other little thing....welcome back Ann!

ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon

burlap ribbon, burlap ribbon and more burlap ribbon

awesome pair of vintage doors and
GIANT sunflowers ready to deck out your doors

awesome island & vintage school map

Pa-tina ahhhhhh

love'n the ikat craze

changing out your pillows is such a simple
inexpensive way to transition into the new season

can we have another ahhhhh moment for Pa-tina!

such a good little boy

wow, so happy!

Ann's new little room!

beautiful set of Frenchie twin beds

old baby food (metal) display

there's that ole patina again...love

9 foot shutters from an old church,
4 in good shape, 4 in ok shape


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