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A day in the life.....

Thursday, May 30

I wish I had a dime for every time a customer has said, "I've always wanted a shop just like this".  Well, for all who have ever thought they'd like to open their own shop, here's a peek into my day...
-Up at 5:50am
-stagger downstairs for coffee and throw a load of laundry in
-stagger back upstairs to shower
-decide between white, navy or grey converse sneakers (I pick navy, grey are for dressier days)
-pack a sandwich, fill a water bottle and toss back an English muffin and one more cup of coffee
-quickly empty my truck from the day before of shutters, chairs and a small table, I'm actually feeling  a little awake now-I can do this!
-start on my 2 hour drive, tons of morning rush hour traffic, reach for my cell a half dozen times, but realize its 7:30 am!
-finally reached my destination, chat a bit and  begin to look at the goodies, pick what I want and load up and load and load more.  It's hot, hazy and humid and I'm wondering why I bothered showering.  Talk a little more, pay and hit the road.
-drive back 2 hours (I really could do this blindfolded by now)
-unload a dresser, 2 night stands, a large mirror, 2 smaller side stands and coffee table by myself!!!!!!  You really can do this by yourself with the help of gravity, packing blankets and a hand cart.  Why did I shower?
So, you get the idea.  It's far from glamorous, in fact, it's down right dirty, but it beats sitting in a cubicle!
- oh and did I mention this was my day off!

Moving at Warp Speed

Thursday, May 16

Where does time go?  Seriously!  That old saying, "Time waits for no one" - well they weren't kidding.  I can't believe I haven't posted since Easter, so please forgive me.  In a very feeble attempt to make up for such a long absence, I am posting a TON of pictures and I promise not to be such a stranger.  But just in case you didn't already know this, the best way to get all this cottage wonderment, is to drop by and see us!

The Cottage at Chartreuse & Co. in Buckeystown, MD
this Friday - Sunday


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