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Tis the Season...

Tuesday, October 29

Yes, it is that time of year again, at least at the Cottage! And the Gals have been busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas open house on the 1st. The shop is full of glittery ornaments, sparkling decorations, and one of a kind holiday gifts. Take a look.

Cozy, wool jacket- $39 Merry Christmas sign- $26 Red, child's shovel- $29

Wintery nest with clip- $9

How pretty are these shimmering plates? $19 for the greetings plate

Wooden dove- $29, Wreath- $9.50, Vintage ammo box- $59, Cute joy bucket- $14

Unique, oversize ornament- only $16! Great for decorating

Super cool twig star! Grab one for only $29

Handmade, vintage ornament wreath

Gray cubby- $69, Snowman ornaments- $12 each, Tinsel- $9

He knows if you've been naughty! Vintage santa- $29

Sweet ornament- snag one for only $5!

Love that sparkle!

How cool is this? Big, absolutely beautiful wreath

Little gnomies for $10 each, iced tree- $22

Glittering ornament flowers, only $9 each

Owls- $8, Tis the Season pillow- $20

Look at these cute little guys! Only $5 each

Beautiful lavender packet, smells amazing! Grab one for $7

Pillows- $20

Candle holders- $24 each, cute snowmen- $6-$15

Festive small wreath- $9.50

How cute! $6.50 each

How cool are these bottles? Easy to attach and detach from Christmas lights. $6.50 each!

Joy sign- $79, Lighted sled with skates- $89

We have plenty holiday signs!

Unique, beachy tree- $129, Starfish garland- $30

Sparkly blue house and church- $19, $24

Wooden star ornament- $8

Bright pink vintage ornaments! Only $3 each

Snag one for $7

Reindeer food, great activity for the kids! $10

Beautiful detailing on an armoire, $305

Ornaments, $4-$7.50

Purchase one of these wreaths for $10

Candle holder- $32

Fluffy owls, only $8 each

Painted sled for $165

Peace bottles- $7.50

Give Peace ornament- $4

Cupboard door for $48

Skate with decoration- $47

Vintage ornaments! $4-$5 each

Beautiful crystal chandelier- $315

Festive mason jar- $16

Pine cone, nut, and ribbon tree- $30

Ornaments- $8-$14

Looks like winter wonderland! $6 for each of these hanging ornaments

Beautiful hutch- $595

Shiny candle holders- $16-$28

Festive pillows- $49-$70

Stop by to see for yourself!


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