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Prepare for the holiday season with the Cottage

Wednesday, December 4

As Christmas quickly approaches, stop into the Cottage to prepare for the holidays! You can find great gifts and ideas, get your guest rooms ready for company with dressers and lamps, and instantly change up a room with great pillows! We're open until 9pm this Friday the 6th. Take a look at what we have in the shop…

This lamp would be great for a bed side table, or in the living room- $59

Great pillows! Use around Christmas time, or year round- $36 each

Darling side table with little drawer- only $49!

Awesome corner shelf! Would be great in a guest room. About 5 1/2 ft. tall. $98

How fabulous is this chair? $899. Warm pillows- $38, $42

These candles will have your house smelling so cozy- $14 each

Festive pillows- $30, $42

How sweet is this little dresser/wash stand? $198

Do you know a bird lover? What a great gift! $29

Beautiful sideboard that could double as a great piece in the guest room- only $195

Unique lamp- $79

Beautiful bench that would look great at the end of a bed- $145

We have a collection of ornaments, they make great gifts- $6-$14

How sweet is this little bird house ornament? $5

Your guest will love using this dresser- $225

Rustic joy sign- $29 Burlap jingle flowers- $6 each

Gray and white dresser- $197

Great gift ideas! Set of two shakes for $12, Mason jar soap pumps- $19.50 each

This twist lamp is great for late night reading in bed- $59

These signs are an easy way to decorate a room! Just switch out your normal art for these- $33 

Darling pink and white dresser- $220

Beautiful candle holders- $20 each

Lamp- $35

Get creative and make someone a special gift with CeCe Caldwell paint! Most sample sizes $10, most quarts- $37

Send a hand painted card to someone you love- $7.50 each

Sweet hand painted ornaments- $8

Beautiful lamp- $79

Jewelry always makes a great gift- $48-$54

We have necklaces and bracelets- $24-$58

Cozy hats are always a great gift idea- $20-$25. We also have scarfs and mittens

What a great decorating idea! Stop by for even more ideas

Brass pears- $8 each, awesome dish- $15

Sweet snowflake ornament- $3

This unique lamp would be a great addition to a bed side table- $45

Could be an awesome display case in a guest room- $220

These candles make great gifts- $12-19

Beautiful place setting for your Christmas dinner

Soft scarves, always a good gift idea- $16.50

Beautiful lamp- $169

Gray buffet that could double as a great dresser!- $345

Sparkly jewelry- $18

Each of these buttons were hand sewed on, beautiful result! Beachy Christmas pillow- $59

Beachy place setting, great colors

This baker's hutch is the real deal out of France! Beautiful piece- $459

How sweet is this tiered table? Could be used as a side table, and there is another one

Pretty centerpiece- $46

These ornaments would make a great gift for the music teacher- $10 each

You could write the Christmas dinner menu on the chalkboard, and display decorations on the shelf- $65

Beautiful handmade bowls- $50 each

Awesome gray lamp- $89

This little table could make a great bed side table- $178

Wintery wreath

This secretary would be a great addition to the guest room- $280

Sweet signs make a great gift!- $78 each

Awesome pouf, great seating for guests that doubles as decoration- $198

Serve appetizers on this gorgeous cheese board- $98

How fantastic is this tall lamp? $165

Sweet vanity for $359, Festive wreath for $89

Beautiful mounted sled runner- $37

Darling lamp- $25

Another great gift for the music teacher! Music wreath- $33

Handmade, cozy hats- $27-$35

Super soft scarves- $20-$35

Wired cabinet made from reclaimed wood- $129

Stop by and see what else we have in the store! We are open until 9pm this Friday the 6th.


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