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Solutions for the Drab Winter Months

Thursday, January 16

Just because the weather outside your home is dreary, doesn’t mean the inside of your home has to be too. The Cottage is full of pops of color, from little trinkets to set on your dressers and tables, to bright pieces of furniture. We also have plenty of items to help you get organized by providing plenty of storage. Take a peek…

This unique, yellow mirror will add a sunny pop to any wall- $49

This little cabinet is a great solution for some extra storage in a messy foyer or mud room- Originally $298, now $229

How fun is this handmade green lamp? It will add a unique touch with a splash of color to any table- $89

This sweet dish is such a fresh color of green! Set it on the counter to collect odds and ends, or use it as a beautiful accent piece on the mantle

Pillows in great colors are the easiest way to freshen up couches! Add this heart pillow to your Valentine's day decorations- $19

Cubbies are so convenient. Set this one on the desk or counter to keep little things organized- $69 

This vintage table cloth is sure to give your table a pop of bright red- $19

Amazing green cabinet! Lot of storage in this baby, which is a perfect way to keep everything organized in the kitchen or dining room- $598

Bright colors from the inside of the green cabinet

Frame these fresh prints and hang them in the kitchen for a subtle touch of color- Only a $1 each

This desk provides storage and would serve as a great phone or computer station- Originally $198, Now $149

Talk about a pop of color! This beautiful wash stand provides plenty of storage and character- $150

Cluttered play room? This super sweet dresser could solve that problem!- Was $145, now $115

Beautiful faux flowers to create a fantastic, fresh display

Pretty pink tray would look great mounted on a kitchen wall- $45

This trunk solves cluttered bedrooms and living rooms by providing storage for blankets and pillows- $125

This server provides plenty of storage without taking up too much space- Was $397, now $329

Colorful signs are an easy way to brighten up a wall

Absolutely charming original painting, this will add character to any room!- $129

Sweet coffee table with extra storage to keep the living room organized- $149

This vintage box adds a pop of color and storage- $29

This neutral music cabinet adds extra storage to any room- $129

Detailing on the music cabinet

Pretty pink frame around chalkboard- CeCe Caldwell metallic silver wax was used to give the frame subtle sheen- $25

Need more places to hang jackets? These hooks are a great solution- $36 each

As usual, we are stocked with CeCe Caldwell paint in all kinds of colors

Post notes and messages on this sea foam green board- $40

Keep your responsibilities organized with pretty pads of paper- $7-$10

Pretty scarves add a pop of color to any outfit- $20-$36

Any minion lovers in your family?- $27

This beautiful cabinet will add a pop of bright green to any room, along with extra storage- Was $229, now $179

Beautiful vase- $22

Beautiful, unique print on this pitcher- $22

How cool is this tier-table in turquoise? So many possibilities- $59

Add a pop of floral to your bedroom with this chair- Was $95, now $80

Mount plates to walls that need a little something

Super fun yellow teapot- $25

Such a fresh green color- $12-$39

Beautiful faux flowers freshen up any room

This baker's rack is a great solution to storage problems in the kitchen and dining room- $349

Use this wreath to add a pop of green to your table setting- $16

This drop leaf table gives plenty of surface space, but folds out of the way when not in use- $185

Add a pop of red to dinner time with this dish- $32

An combination of pale yellow and slate blue make for a beautiful pairing!- $229

This sweet little cabinet would make a great jewelry box- $45

This pillow gives a subtle pop of color and texture to any chair or couch- $56

Add turquoise to your bedside table- $80

Gorgeous hutch with plenty of storage- Was $625, now $565

Subtle green glasses- $6 each

Sweet cubby- $59

A nice dresser in jewel green- $129

This antique medicine cabinet will add storage to the bathroom- $95

Sweet jewelry holder- $16

Pretty light pink vase- $15

If you are interested in anything that you have seen, feel free to give us a call!


Scrap for Joy said...

I was in on Sunday and bought the gorgeous dogwood blossom tablecloth.....love it!

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