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Winter vs. Spring

Thursday, March 13

Everyone is talking about the weather.  Everyone.  The winter that won't go away.  The spring that just won't get here fast enough.  Then there's the back and forth, warm, springlike temps one day and freezing, snowy, blustery the next.  A lovely sage customer came into the shop a while back.  When I asked her how she was enduring all the snow, she replied "I love it!"  "You love it", I replied?  She said, "Yes, it reminds me I can't control everything."  Her wise words so true, but I'm still so done with snow!
There is one place I'm sure of, that spring has taken a strong hold on...the cottage.  We've added a fresh spring coat of robin's egg blue to the walls, layered nests, spring pillows, vintage ironstone, spring wreaths and spring scented candles.  We've got the perfect fix for your winter woes- have a peek....


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